A young boy named Tuan, who came to Singapore National University Hospital for treatment of leukemia.

However his leukemia was terminal and the family brought him back to Vietnam to continue to be cared for.

“I hope you will be encouraged when hearing the testimony of Tuan’s mom.
Below is his mom’s testimony in his funeral:
His mom testified that around few months before his death, while he was losing consciousness, his doctor said he would pass away within 2 days. Suddenly, however, he got up and said to his parents: “Mommy, daddy, believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved and go to Heaven! I ought to have been taken away to Heaven with God, but I asked God to let me live for a few more months in order to witness Jesus Christ for you all and see you stand firm in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mommy, daddy, believe in Him, hurry!” Then his parents came to believe in Christ and he continued living for a few more months later. During that time, he continued sharing the Gospel with his relatives who came to visit him.


“With NUH doctors, his mother and his sister”

A few weeks ago, he said to his mom: “Mommy, I am praying to God to ask Him to bring me back to Heaven because I do see mommy and daddy have been strong in faith and grown in it and I am very satisfied and happy. So God has promised to me that He will bring me back soon.” A few days later, on the day of his death, he called his parents and sister to come near his bed and said: “Mommy, daddy, sister, tonight God will bring me back to Heaven. God has let me see the Heaven. It’s very nice and wonderful. So, in my funeral, you make a joyful party to see me off. Tell everyone in the funeral not to be sad but joyful because I go to the blessed Heaven not to the sorrowful Hell!” And then, at that night, he’s gone….

Brother, in his funeral, when hearing his mom’s testimony, I felt so touched and blessed in tears. Thank God so much for this wonderful story!!!
May God use this wonderful story to encourage all of us.

Date email received: 25 Mar 2013



Something’s Gotta Give

Truly in life can anything be meaningful than be real in our faith.

For anyone who has known Him upon the authority of first hand experience, how can we not be excited to talk about our faith.

And the joy of such conversation with others whose minds are opened to know whether there is God, life after death, heaven and hell. May people’s spiritual eyes are opened to receive His blessings.

May I re-blog your posting because it is a beautiful sharing.


I’m having one of those moments where I literally feel like I’m floating.

And no, there are no illegal substances in my body. Although, I did just eat some cotton candy grapes, and I’m convinced that there’s a magic ingredient in there, because those things are unreal.


But I legitimately feel lighter than air.

Ever since my mom’s stroke back in December, family has obviously been top priority. We’ve come together as a unit and dug in for the long haul. I’ve been home from NYC for the last four months, and just this past week, my brother and his wife moved two houses down from my parents in the neighborhood we grew up in.

Talk about an amazing couple.

And so this weekend, my mom and I threw her a party to welcome her to the neighborhood.

That party was today.

And it was amazing.

But not for…

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This writing is to share on how having a good email writing skill is important and what an effective email writing skill can do for you, from an experience that I have encountered during my time of working in my previous organization.

Many a times, as with any big organization, our colleagues, peers, superiors and customers do sometimes comes with different agenda as well as hidden agenda. For customers, they comes with certain expectations and to which we are there to meets these expectations according to what has been contracted. But not every customer would just operates at the professional level and there will be times when we meet someone who has his own agenda and his own interests hidden within his organization.


For the Kid in Me (Legoland, Malaysia)

That was a good pictorial write-up on a Legoland adventure for Lego buffs looking to visit this theme park in idyllic Malaysia, specifically in Johor Iskandar, just an hour ride from Singapore.
Two full days of adventure to cover both the rides theme park and the water theme park is just right.
Happy to see that you had a good stay and a good holiday for Mommy Pao and nephew Yuan.

i'm sam and i write

I can’t express enough how much I’ve been waiting for this day. I don’t know either why it’s only now that I pushed for this trip when it’s only roughly an hour away via bus from Singapore.


Nonetheless, I’m happy I get to experience it with my nephew Yuan to celebrate his 7th birthday!

And so there we were.


Two excited kids (yes, including me)


eager to get to our happy place.


Thank you Mommy Pao for babysitting the avid Lego fans! 😀


Imagine that overwhelming moment when we touched down.


The kid in me was too happy! Two whole days of anything and everything Lego!

DAY 1: Legoland Theme Park


It was funny how even before we got on any ride and enjoyed the attractions, we spent a good whole hour going crazy over the merchandise. I had to gather every ounce of energy in my body to control myself…

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Vietnam is not only famous for its Pho (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup), Vietnamese sandwiches but also for the hordes and hordes of motorcycles weaving along on all their roads, especially in big cities. The skills of all these riders is amazingly good across all ages and genders and it is really a wonder to see orderly in chaos.

During my last visit there on the last week of March, I was able to truly appreciate the life of a motorcycle in their everyday life in Vietnam cities and mountainous province. It is a whole new world of travelling with such an experience of the versatile ability of the motorcycles in their everyday life throughout on these few days trip.

Apart from being picked up from the airport with a taxi as I was carrying three big luggage, the rest of the journey throughout my stay there was riding pillion with a skillful rider who also is one of the most true and genuine person, including being sent to the international airport with a check-in luggage riding pillion in-between. And to cap it all, squeezing through any single gap while maneuvering through a grid-locked traffic in downtown area. We witnessed one taxi that has to dislodge the passengers and their luggage on the way to the airport because of the gridlock.

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Life is never a straight line

In many of life situations we oftentimes find ourselves faced difficult situations and making us feel so helpless and weak.  Twenty odd plus years ago, in 1996 I was starting out on a new job. In my initial years in those days we were in the midst of an economic recession.

Those were very challenging years and many were trying to stay in our jobs by being willing to multi-task a few tasks at the same time, perform in different roles and functions and holding two portfolios with no additional remuneration, life could be said was a tough daily struggle.

And the bosses then were just like the Egyptian hard slave drivers. They were constantly driving us very hard as well as constantly reminding us that if we are not happy, we could always walk out through the organization main gate.  Well it was a fact that there were many out there looking for a job, like a ratio of 200:1 applicants to job ratio. Those without a job would gladly trade places with us even if it means lower pay and more work.

Coupled with our demanding work environment and a challenging industry, we faced many tough situations and problematic issues quite commonly. It forced me to bring many of the difficult challenges that I have encountered to Him in prayers. Indeed one of the most remembered prayers is always asking the Lord to give wisdom from above  whenever I am faced with very challenging or difficult situations. Then there would be a download of an idea or a certain line of thought sort of like to provides direction on tackling the situations. It really works and it is amazing that with wisdom from above given by Him, I am able to  resolve many complicated issues and problems that could otherwise stresses me out of the job. I have seen it happened to a colleague who succumbed to depression from the stresses and requires long medical leave and care before quitting the organization.(GOD.STILL.SPEAKS)

of love

“It is a brutal world of harsh reality – that is the truth. You either can swim or you get sunk.”

*So I have learned to take away His promise to commit all things to Him in prayers.

And with the prayers support of my bible study group those years, my situation got better as God helps me through.



Seizing an opportunity

In year 2013, month of June, an opportunity arise when we were visiting Vietnam to bring over church-collection mission fund. It was only a 3-days short visit with another church brother.

During this visit, there was a couple-developer who has just completed building a two side-by-side unit of 4-storey houses and approach our Vietnam pastor friend to see if anyone would be interested. They believed that our pastor friend would knows many more people, whom he can help market their units, through his wide contacts with many people in the course of his ministry work.


It so happens that these units were just at the back of our friend’s house and he has also been checking out on the quality of the build during while the construction was on-going, he being just plain curious on this neighborhood happening.

At that time, the market for properties in this city has been down for quite some time and prices were quite deflated. Coupled with the fact that there is a highway construction development running pass this development, these two houses seems to be quite attractive.



Nothing happened by chance

This all started with a request to book a short stay for the whole family, three adults and two kids, to stay in one of the rooms available for hosting short term stay. And their proposal is for four guests and the husband would be staying behind in their own place, so that the room will not be crammed. He will only visit occasionally.

It was’nt a great idea, so many guests to squeeze into one room but they pleaded and says that they will make do, in their own way. Anyway they really have not much of a choice, finding short term accommodation to move to because there will be major renovation within their house for about two weeks. The kids’ health will be affected if they have to live in during the renovation activities happening because there will be lots of fine dust and other inconveniences.

We met up a few times prior to moving in so that we both understand each other requirements and to answer most of the questions that is in their mind and to know more about all those nitty gritty details from my end.

A Christian sister of her whom she turned to, suggested that she looked up under short term hosting as one possible solution to their problem, so that was how our journey begins. None of their friends are able to offer spare room to tide them through this period of time.